Saturday, December 5, 2009


Where have a I been? Have I foresaken this site? Why no! I have just been living life in such a focused way that I forget about writing blogs. . .for one: calling people, for another, leaving home, reading newspapers, checking email, answering phones--for others and others. Here I am, pictured at the end of summer in the vainglorious garden. My daughter, Sophi, planted these morning glories and the minute I got in front of them with a camera aimed at me, I just started letting my hair down, so to say. I guess it's amazing what a few blue morning glories can do for a woman! I know I NOT all that, but I'm definitely feeling pretty sensuous here.

You must bear with me though, because I cannot seem to get them positioned in the correct sequence on the page.
For photos of the how the garden turned out, keep reading.

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