Saturday, December 5, 2009

Urban Homestead

I am pretty new to blogging, so what I have learned, and what it might help you to know, is that the posts that appear on December 5th, 2009, are actually backwards. For instance, I intended to put summer photos before winter ones, but that's not how it turned out. What appears below is a collection of photo essays about what I have been doing instead of keeping up with this blog as well as a lot of other things.

Now that things have died back and there is a smattering of snow on the ground, it's easier to see the layout of the place. The picket fence was added this summer and it separates what is lawn from what is garden. In the foreground I have started to plant (and transplant) herbs. What you see at the bottom of the photo is very close to the street. If a car pulled up to the curb and the passenger open his or her car doorall the way, it would come almost to the edge of the garden. Also in the foreground is an apple tree. Neighbors do help themselves to it as well as passersby. People with young children stop and ask if the child can pick an apple. That makes me feel good. Kids can see where apples come from.

Here is a side/angle view of the garden in winter. The middle section was the original garden. You can see I have been redefining it. We were lucky with a very late freeze this year, but frozen soil is going to put a stop to my redefinition activities for now until spring thaw.

This photo and the one below is what the yard looks like from the lawn side of the picket fence.

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