Friday, May 1, 2009

Rita's poem

After reading my last entry, Rita, my friend of 27 years, sent me this poem. She says it's about me, but I think it's about us--it's about women and the questions we ask of ourselves.

Ode To My Friend
By Rita Adkins

Your life was so much better than mine
I dreamed of adventure and you lived one
Raised your kids alone, neither asking for or getting help
I had someone but he might as well have been no one
For all the good he did me
But I am needier than I am adventurous
I opted for the safety net
And while you built your life, he tore mine down

Got angry sometimes because I stood still, pining for the adventure, yet
Waiting for someone who was standing right in front of me
Offered advice and a shoulder from three hundred miles away
Understood what would keep me from the life you had
But wondered why I was afraid to live without
And you soared while I remained behind
Building my life back from the ground up
And dreaming still of the adventure you lived

But there is no adventure in conformity
And I rooted myself too deep to ever break free and fly like you
But if I asked you, you'd tell me
That adventure had little to do with it
You lived off the land because the land asked no questions
Sustained you when no one else would
And gave you courage to soar higher

...I still want to be like you...

Love always,

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